The history of Rosolowska vodka stems from a desire to rediscover and promote the essence of this spirit, combining traditional know-how with innovation.

Leaving the mists of northwestern Poland, Jan Rosolowski moved to France in the 1990s to complete his studies. He quickly fell in love with the French way of life. After starting his own family, he often returns to his homeland to introduce his son Zacharie to Polish culture and roots.

Having become great connoisseurs of quality spirits, father and son continue to travel regularly to Poland to exchange ideas with a circle of experienced distillers. Jan began producing artisanal vodka.

Zacharie encouraged his father to professionalize his production, but the latter preferred to continue perfecting his spirit.

And it was only recently, after some twenty years of experimentation to the delight of family and friends, that Jan finally decided to let his son realize their dream of sharing their passion: Rosoloswka vodka was born, combining Polish know-how and French excellence.

Jan Rosolowski on the right,
Zacharie Rosolowski in the middle,
1998 in Zakopane, Poland

FROM RED FRUIT to rediscover vodka

Rosolowska shatters the idea of a neutral product

While most vodkas are made from cereals or potatoes, Rosolowska is fermented from organically grown red fruit. In this way, it recalls the very first vodkas made from grapes in the 14th century, and allows us to explore unusual flavors.

Gensac-La-Pallue spring water, renowned for its purity and naturally demineralized, is the second essential ingredient... Naturally demineralized, it is recognized the world over for its unique know-how. The sugar and yeast used to make this top-of-the-range vodka are also carefully selected.