Ambitions to match shared values

Rosolowska has been created and developed around the values it holds dear. Tasting this vodka is much more than just a taste experience. It's also about contributing to our vision of the world of spirits and, more generally, of the society of today and, above all, of tomorrow.
Excellence through a unique know-how specially developed for and by Rosolowska, an artisanal process and rigorously selected raw materials to produce one of the world's finest vodkas.
Sharing is the value that Rosolowska has upheld since its creation, in order to transmit emotions and flavors, and to help spirit lovers discover this product. The passion shared by our teams is felt and shared on a daily basis, giving meaning to our work and reflected in the quality of the products we offer.
Our ambition is to be a brand in tune with today's challenges. We want to encourage investment in innovation, particularly for the benefit of a responsible economy. From the constant improvement of our processes to the choice of our suppliers, we promote a circular and sustainable economy by minimizing our ecological impact. Our aim is to become an example of a forward-looking company that takes account of societal and environmental aspects, while offering a product of unrivalled quality.