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"The Rosolowska story is the fruit of know-how handed down from father to son, and a quest to rediscover the essence
of this spirit."
75,00 € / 50cl

A code-breaking vodka

Rosolowska has developed the first recipe to use French red fruit and sugar as the sole basis for fermentation. From the choice of fruit to bottling, everything is done by hand by our teams.

Revolutionary know-how

A blend of tradition and modernity, our vodka uses a new distillation method imported from Poland for unrivalled purity.

The company of tomorrow

Rosolowska is committed to innovation, offering quality products and unique recipes. Our ambition is also to move towards a more responsible and ecological economy, to embody the vodka of tomorrow.
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The Rosolowska team

The Rosolowska team is delighted to present the fruits of its labor.
We work together every day to create an exceptional vodka.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
Zacharie Rosolowski
The entrepreneur, president and sales manager
Alban Serrano
The financier: financial manager
Jan Roslowski
Production and R&D Manager

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