This vodka comes from a rectification machine specially designed to precisely separate the different alcohols.

No added aromas here: Rosolowska is not a flavored spirit, but the pure product of red fruit fermentation. Nor are there any filtrations to neutralize the aromas: this vodka is simply the result of a double rectification, using a discontinuous process to better separate the most subtle fractions from the alcohol.

This gives it its crystalline appearance, while retaining the slightly fruity notes characteristic of the Rosolowska flavor. Specialized Polish engineers collaborate with Rosolowska to develop a unique apparatus adapted to this exceptional production: a special rectification column that achieves the 96.5° alcohol concentration characteristic of vodka, without the need for external alcohol additions and while preserving the fruit flavor.

The reduction then produces a smooth, perfectly balanced 40° beverage. This state-of-the-art, energy- and water-efficient production process is fully in line with the ideal of happy sobriety, and enables us to rediscover the age-old tradition of a natural, aromatic spirit.